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Portable Pro Quenchometer

To monitor and optimize quenching performance of oil, polymer, water, salt bath, gas etc.

Pro Quenchometer manufactured as per
ASTM D6200 and ISO 9950:1995 standards

Cost Savings

Avoid destructive testing, reduce rejection and optimize quenchant

Quality Assurance

Designed as per ASTM D6200 and ISO 9950:1995 quality standards


Easy to use, handy and test can be done in actual quench tanks

Process Control

Control heat treatment process by periodically testing quenchants in house

Complete insight to yourquenching process.

The Pro Quenchometer is used for inspection of quenchants and limits your quality expenses, optimizes your choice of quenching media and augments the life of your quenching products. It helps you guarantee the quality by limiting variation in results, rework, rejects and production downtime.
Incoming inspection of quenchants
Monitoring performance of quenchants
Comparision between quenchants
On site testing or in laboratory as per ASTM and ISO standards
Testing of Oils, Polymers, Gas, salts etc.

ProQuench Software

ProQuench is an user friendly software which can generate ASTM D6200-01, ASTM D 6482-06 and ISO 9950:1995 reports with a click of a button.
User friendly
Generate report in one click
Option for printing and exporting to PDF
Option to compare upto five cooling curves
Advanced smoothing algorithm
Option to customize report format

Addon package for ProQuench Software

Addon package of ProQuench Software gives additional features such as.
Probes of different alloy steel grades can be tested
Diameter from 15mm to 50mm can be tested
Extensive database of different steels (TTT, thermal conductivity etc.)
Cooling curve from surface to core
Cooling rate curve from surface to core
Hardness prediction from surface to core
Heat transfer coefficient prediction

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